Luana, CuriOcean's CEO and Outreach Manager

After completing an Education Masters in Montpellier (France), Luana graduated in 2016 with a European Masters in Marine Conservation and Biodiversity (EMBC+). Her diverse experience with kids and marine biology built the idea for CuriOcean and her thrive for success and enthusiasm brought the project together.
Luana's French and Brazilian culture, and love for sea, embraces the idea of one planet as she describes herself a citizen of the world.


Iris, Education Expert for the Marine Litter Workshop

Iris Farrugia is an agricultural engineer working as a freelancer on the creation of fun and educational content on ecological transition. She used to live in the French West Indies where protecting the ocean is vital. Then she discovered marine conservation while studying ecology.
Her experience with children inspires her with ideas for workshops around the protection of the sea. She is happy to contribute to the CuriOcean project.


Jackie, Media and Outreach Manager

Jacqueline Teegarden is from both Illinois and Minnesota, USA. She lived in Frankfurt, Germany for five years where she had a variety of jobs as a freelancer and spent time getting to know people from many different places. She moved to Galway in September 2020 and gained an MA in Theatre Practice and Production at NUIG. As avid nature lover, Jacqueline has been passionate about ecology and conservation since she was young.

Manon, CuriOcean Trainee

Since her childhood, Manon has always lived near the sea in the South of France. Feeling curious about the oceans mysteries, she studied marine biology for three years in Marseille, France. After that, she discovered an interest in education and the desire to become a biology teacher. Finally, she joined the Msc. MARRRES (science, conservation and valorisation) where she realized that merging marine biology and education was possible. Today, as a CuriOcean trainee, she has the opportunity to learn how to raise awareness and communicate with children about one of her passions; the sea. 

Ladina, CuriOcean Intern

Growing up on the West Coast of Ireland in Cork, Ladina Jeisy has always had a keen interest in biodiversity and the environment. Living by the sea all her life, Ladina has noticed the change in sea and land biodiversity, seeing less wildlife as the years go by and hearing more about climate change. This encouraged her to study Applied Social Science in NUIG, with a focus on Geographic and Environmental Sociology, in an attempt to understand and raise further awareness on important environmental issues and conservation. Ladina is excited to be Interning at CuriOcean to help educate about marine conservation!